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Short Term Missions Teams

Part of the great commission from Jesus is to share the good news to all. We want to join God in sharing the good news locally, nationally and globally.  One way we do this is by joining a short term missions team.  Throughout the year we will have opportunities to join a team that is doing just that.  Check out all the opportunities. 


Fox Lake Food Pantry

We have multiple folks who serve at the food pantry in Fox Lake.  If you would like to help serve at the Pantry, contact Pastor Darrin and he will get you in touch with some of our folks who currently serve there.  


Texas Mission Trip | February 10-17

In February a team of folks will be heading down to Texas to continue partnering with on of our missionaries, Pastor Omar and his church to share the good news through relationships and projects.  If you are interested in joining this team please contact Pastor Darrin and he will connect you with the team leader.  


Dominican Republic Mission Trip | June 5-12

This summer 15 people from Friesland Community Church will be heading to Jarabacoa Dominican Republic to partner with Mission of Hope and churches in Jarabacoa to further share the Gospel by meeting with people, doing work projects to support the local community and experience what it is like to be a Christian in a culture different than our own.  We are excited to have this opportunity.  If you would like to see our team, support them and find out more about our trip please click on the link below. 

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