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Welcome to our Team Page

June 5-12, 2024 we will be sending a team of short-term missionaries to Jarabacoa Dominican Republic with Mission of Hope. On this page you will be able to meet the team, read about our partnership with Mission of Hope in Jarabacoa Dominican Republic, donate to our mission trip and see our progress of where we are at for funding. 

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Our Team Vision and Mission


Our Team's vision is to take Jesus at His word and be his witnesses to Jerusalem, Judea and the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). We believe we are called as followers of Christ to not just be witnesses here in Friesland but to go wherever God is calling us.


We are heading to Jarabacoa Dominican Republic.  Our mission partner, Mission of Hope, is working with local churches in Jarabacoa to help with the needs of the church there.  They help connect the North American Church with churches in the Caribbean and that the partnership will be facilitated by them but the connections from here on out will be long lasting.  We will be doing two main things while we are in the Dominican. 

  1. Going out into the community to share the good news of Jesus and also learn more abundantly the culture from local people so we can have a better relationship with the church in the Dominican Republic.  

  2. We will also be helping build the outside structure of a one story home for a local mentor of an areas pastor who has been trying to have this house built for years but for lack of funds has not been able to move forward on this project. The cost of this project will be $1,500 above what it will take to send our short term missionaries. Any funds that are raised above our goal will go towards this project. 

One of the local pastors, Pastor Darrin spoke with earlier this year, who we will be working with, shared that their church prayed that God would send folks to help them share the good news of Jesus both financially and in person. We are excited to be a partial answer to that prayer and cannot wait to partner with them and God to share the good news about Jesus in word and deed.  

We are asking for people to partner with us in prayer and finances so that we can make this trip a reality.  Your partnership not only is helping our team but is also answering prayers of those prayed by the church in the Dominican.  We would be very grateful  if you partnered with us.  

Our Summer 2024 Team

Our 2024 mission team is comprised of many different folks from all ages.  We are excited to have a truly multi-generational team going to serve with Mission of Hope.  Check out our team members.  

Our Mission Partner

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Mission of Hope

Mission of Hope is our mission partner in the Dominican.  As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child. They got their start in Haiti but have now expanded this mission to the whole island of Hispaniola.  They partner with churches both in the Dominican and North America to help churches help each other share the Gospel and bring life transformation to every man woman and child.  We are excited to have them as a partner so we can connect with others in the Dominican through the local church there.  We look to help the local church in the Dominican further The Great Commission in the Dominican.  We will be doing work projects to help the local church and also going out into the community ourselves to share the Gospel as well with Strategic Ministry Time.  

Our Progress

To send 14 short term missionaries it will cost approx. $1,500.00 a person for lodging, food, travel and training.  We are looking at raising a total of $21,000.00 for our team.  You can Partner with us in multiple ways.  
  • ​Partner with us in prayer
  • Partner with us with finances
    • You can send a check to: Friesland Community Church, PO Box 207 Friesland WI 53935. Please put "Dominican Trip" in the memo line
    • You can donate online with the "donate here" button at the bottom" or top of the page.
By partnering with us you are also being a part of the great commission. God gives each of us gifts and abilities to share the good news with others. We are willing to go but need prayers and finances to make this a reality.  You may not be able to go but have prayers and/or finances to give. We thank you for considering using your gifts to join us on this mission.   
Below you see our current fundraising goal and progress.  We will update regularly as we continue towards our day of departure. 
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