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4th of July Celebration



The first Sunday School picnic began on July 4, 1901 in Peter and Susie Cupery's woods near East Friesland. Memories of the past 4th of July picnics include homemade lemonade, listening to patriotic speeches, sending up a hot air balloon, buying a banana plucked off of the huge bunch at the canteen, enjoying ice cream, and all ages participating in games.


The 4th of July tradition has continued through the years. The 4th of July celebration eventually began to involve the community. The Sunday School Department started a food canteen that continues today. It is a time of homecoming for former members, a time to refresh memories, renew friendships, and celebrate the freedoms of America.


The 4th of July celebration continues today.  While we have moved our church potluck and games to another day of the year, the same, and in some respects even better, community celebration continues.  The Friesland Band, pie, dinner food service, games, snacks, and 4th of July trinkets along with award-winning Gospel music and fireworks continues to draw crowds to this family friendly celebration of America's independence.