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Core Values




1. Christ Like

Scripture calls us to be in the world but not of it. We desire to be a church that loves more, forgives more, looks and acts more like Jesus than the surrounding culture.

2. Relationship with Jesus through Scripture and Prayer

The Bible is no ordinary book. It is God’ story of His workings in and through humanity and ultimately saving and redeeming humanity to Himself through His Son Jesus. In Scripture, we find what He intends for us His Image bearers. We also find the rich relationship we can have through prayer. We desire to be a church that lets the Bible be our authority and prayer our necessity in daily life. 

3. Faith- Authentic and Courageous 

We desire to be a church that goes past the Sunday Smile and are real with each other, so the hurting can heal and the weak can be made strong in Christ.  We seek to be a church that is courageous in our faith, willing to take leaps of faith in what God is calling us to as individual believers and as a church. We believe that if God calls us to it, He will walk us through it.

4. Compassionate Family

Scripture calls us to love one another deeply from the heart.  We desire to be a church that loves our church family well and cares for each other not only in words but also actions.

5. The Next Generation

We value training, equipping, and encouraging the next generation of Believers in Jesus Christ to know Him, Grow in Him and Share Him with their friends and family. We desire to be a place where the next generation no matter their faith history feels this is a place where they can meet Jesus and grow in Him.


6. Welcoming and Engaging Community

Our Faith is personal but should never be private. We seek to be involved in and working for the good of our communities; locally, nationally and globally both individually and corporately as a church body. We also seek to be a church that is welcoming, compassionate and loving to anyone who would desire to join our community, the moment we meet them.